How to Avail

Sign up for a VIP Exclusive Club Account and follow these instructions.

Step 1 Go to the Website

Purchase Access Card or VIP Gold Bid Points Bundle and SIGN IN your account, Make sure your account has enough BIDPOINTS in our order to participate in our daily VIP AUCTIONS.

Step 2 Purchase VIP BID POINTS

Choose your desired ITEM and read the Terms and Condition of each VIP Auction and Agree to PARTICIPATE only if desired. All Bid Points Participation are non - refundable.

Step 3 Choose Product

Participation in the Regular Daily Auction will be automatically deducted from your account and replaced with Particular number of Auction Bid Points to be used in the Regular VIP Auction.

Step 4 Take Action in our VIP Auctions

The VIP Auction will run and END at 00:00 and then the Auction System will read the "LAST BIDDER" and declares the USERNAME of the Auction Awardee in REALTIME.

Step 5 Take Action in our VIP Auctions

You may verify the auction by clicking "AWARDEES" and check the "CHECK DETAILS" of the previous VIP Auctions.

Step 6 Verify the Auction Result

The Awardee may claim the item at our office located at 4th Level Unit 8888 Lemon Square Building, Muñoz - EDSA, Quezon City, Philippines.

Step 7 Claim Your Item

Shipping outside Metro Manila is assisted but all payments are shouldered by the Awardee.

Step 8 Pick Up or Shipping Option

VIP Enterprise

More than 500 VIP Enterprise Outlet Nationwide!